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AIG Communication

AIG publishes:

A bi-monthly "Information Note" which includes a calendar of upcoming events and a summary of recent activities.

The semi-annual "AIG Letter" provides a detailed account of IAG meetings and some of those of National Academies.


Both publications are available on the web.


AIG's website ( continuously updates Member Academies as well as individual members and the general public about today's gastronomy. It also contains links to national Member Academies’ websites.

  • Information Note 41

    January - April 2020

  • Information Note n° 40

    October-December 2019

  • Information Note n° 39

    June-September 2019

  • Information Note n° 38

    March- May 2019

  • Information Note n° 37

    January-February 2019

  • Information Note n° 36

    October-December 2018